The art of losing gracefully in poker = something Gus Hansen don’t possess!

Gus was playing against other high stakes regulars like Phil Ivey, Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond and Di “Urindanger” Dang in his own $500/$1000 Hansen Blender table when this pot limit omaha hand was played:

Galfond, Dang and Hansen go all-in preflop in a $251k pot.

After the hand was over Gus snapped and started to accuse that Galfond and Dang are colluding:

Gus Hansen: too suspicious for me
Gus Hansen: nice play guys
Gus Hansen: and somehow they both were quiet
Phil Ivey: definitely collusion lol
Urindanger: you’re an idiot
Gus Hansen: If you think the QQ88 is a good play there you wouldnt have any money
Gus Hansen: thats why it is strange
Gus Hansen: but hey whatever I just have to quit
Phil Ivey: nooo
Phil Ivey: i will transfer u the 85k u jus lost
Phil Ivey: call it a gift

After a while, the hand came up again in the chat:

Gus Hansen: ups OMG behind me better fold
OMGClayAiken: ?
OMGClayAiken: am I picking on you today more than usual?
durrrr: did u miss table chat other table?
OMGClayAiken: i guess so
Gus Hansen: nope the other pot took the fun out of playing
durrrr: he thinks u and z squeezed him or something
OMGClayAiken: im on laptop
durrrr: and then he missed ivey’s offer to give him the 85k back
durrrr: if hed stay and play
OMGClayAiken: reading now…
OMGClayAiken: haha
OMGClayAiken: well, Z is a fish
Gus Hansen: yeap but the fact if your and mine position would have been reversed he would re-re-raise in 0% of the hands and I cant play against that
Gus Hansen: sad but true
OMGClayAiken: heh.. I’m pretty sure he’d be more likely to rr if we reversed spots
Gus Hansen: lol
Gus Hansen: how much you wanna bet on that
Gus Hansen: silly of you even to make that argument
OMGClayAiken: I mean… I’d bet a lot on it if we could prove it
Gus Hansen: id bet a lot on the lie detector too
Gus Hansen: you’d be drawing dead
Phil Ivey: lets jus all go all in blind nex hand
Phil Ivey: i promise it will make everyone feel better
Gus Hansen: I give this game about 7 minutes max

It is known that players like Tom Dwan, Galfond and Dangs are friends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are colluding like Hansen likes to think. Dwan and Brian Hastings were quick to endorse that Galfond and Di both are trustworthy people and would never collude.

More discussion about the case at 2+2.

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