The story of the “slaktarn”

For a long time people around poker has wondered who is behind nickname “slaktarn”. In a recent interview he gave to the Swedish Poker Magazine, he reveals something about himself and his poker history. One thing he don’t unveil is his identity, because he wants to remain anonymous.

Slaktarn comes from a small village in the southern Sweden. He is 27 years old and lives with his parents. He says that they are very ordinary Swedish family, mother working in health care and father as an entrepreneur. Before his poker career he has worked in a McDonald’s, had an industrial job and also as an entrepreneur keeping a grocery store.

When he was 18 years old he opened his first account at 24hPoker. First he played small fixed limit texas Hold’Em games but moved to omaha games after a while. He started managed to move up levels quickly and build a bankroll of $500k only to lose it all in a week.

He made a fresh start with a $10k borrowed from a friend of his and went straight to the biggest omaha tables at Full Tilt Poker and won $100k quickly. First he made only minimum buy ins but now when his bankroll is bigger he always buys in the maximum.

When asked who he thinks is the weakest and strongest players at Full Tilt Poker he names Gus Hansen weakest, total fish as he calls him, and Patrik Antonius as a strongest player around. He also says that he has never read any poker books whatsoever.

We’ll see how far swedish poker “slaktarn” (butcher in swedish) can go or is he going to bust his bankroll yet again quickly. To watch him playing, make your own account to Full Tilt Poker and try if you can be the next rising poker star!

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