Poker Strategy: Are You The Fish Or The Shark?

The strategy is what holds importance in poker. As it is the case in all games, where there are some strong players and some weak, so is the case with poker. The weak players are devoured and their money taken by the strong players. With context to the game of poker, a bad or weak player is called the fish, while the good or strong player is called the shark.

It is nature’s law that a weak fish will be killed by the shark, which is much stronger. Similarly, in poker, the strong players prey on the weak players. Therefore, to be able to emerge a successful poker player, you need to win. Winning is important and necessary if you wish to survive in poker and more so in the case of a tournament, where a collection of chips is necessary to move forward.

The two important factors, on which winning a game of poker depend are luck and strategy. Following the right strategy is extremely important and it can make you win. However, there is no foolproof one-step strategy to mention, which alone can make you win all the games. This is so because whenever you play, you are up against different players and there may be different strategies for different games. Nonetheless, a poker shark is fully conversant with the game, its concepts, tricks, and strategies like table positioning. He uses his knowledge to his advantage while the new player or the fish is unaware of such things and may have never heard of table positioning.

The association of fish and shark is the best way to define the strategy of poker. In poker terminology, we term the fish as the weak player who is not aware of the tips and strategies of the game, while the shark has all these hidden in his arsenal. The fish or the bad player plays wildly and depends on his luck quotient to win. He plays with long-shot hands and against all odds. Alternatively, the shark or the good player knows all strategies and knows how to win. The new players are always looking for shortcuts to win the game. They want to master the game in a short time span and for this scour the internet for articles and information on poker. Whether it is the game of poker or Badugi, there is no shortcut but only learning. One has to learn the strategies and tricks of the game to win.

Poker is akin to the animal kingdom where predators and prey exist together. The good players or the predators will always intimidate and win against the bad players or the prey. It is up to the bad players to safeguard themselves against such predators and move away from the table at the first opportunity.

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