Swedish tax authorities after Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom’s millions?

Well, it didn’t take long. Just after “Isildur1″ was confirmed to be Viktor Blom, the Swedish tax authorities informed that they have some taxes to collect from him. According to the Swedish news site, the taxes are as high as billion kronor (about 150,000,000 USD), which is just ridiculous.

Blom started his career with few thousand dollars and was quickly earning millions of dollars, is now the hottest topic in Sweden. Different medias have been interested about the young phenomenon and looks like the tax officers are interested about him as well. Last week the Swedish tax officers informed that they’re investigating foreign internet gaming sites who have activity in Sweden as well.

Blom might not be the main target for the tax officers but they know about his profits very well. Swedish tax office’s Eric Borman told Dagens Nyheter that they’re investigating internet poker and Blom’s name has come up.

Billion krona collection tells about the strange poker taxation in Sweden, where you’re supposed to pay taxes from every pot you win.

Source: Pokerista.net, thelocal.se

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