Dwan vs Isildur1 – Dwan doesn’t like the Swede’s manner

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Isildur1 played some $300/$600 PLO at Full Tilt Poker yesterday. After Isildur1 won almost a 255k dollar pot, the Swede suggested that they should move to play NL Hold’em. “Durrrr” didn’t like this at all.

Read the chat:

durrrr: huh?
Isildur1: lets just play 6 tables 3 6 nl instead ?
durrrr: lol
durrrr: ur too annoying to deal with
durrrr: play for hours then the second u get up u want new game
durrrr: thats ridic
Isildur1: lol, like i just to quit playing
Isildur1: wtf
Isildur1: i play plo with u all even tho i dont want
durrrr: i wanna play here obv
Isildur1: i been waiting for u at nl and u say u comming but never show up
durrrr: its obv terrible timing right after u win 250k pot
Isildur1: thats annoying
durrrr: i came to play 4
durrrr: but had 4 other games
durrrr: u hav too many rules w/e
Isildur1: ye ok
durrrr: im stuck 500 ill play here
durrrr: dont wanna move tho
durrrr: i lost a lot to gus before u came
Isildur1: ok sry to hear that
durrrr: n said to friend on aim that i hoped u didnt win early or ud quit and ask me for NL
durrrr: its k we can play another time or w/e
Isildur1: i dont use to quit plo when im winning
durrrr: ok lets play then?
Isildur1: thats just bs
durrrr: lets play then?
Isildur1: i need 5 mins then i know after
Isildur1: plo
durrrr: ok

Source: 2+2 forums

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