Tom Dwan wins over 8 million Euro pot in Macau?

There hasn’t been many news from the Macau’s insanely big cash games lately. But a Finnish player Joni “Jouhki” Jouhkimainen, who is currently playing in Macau, wrote to his blog (on a Finnish poker site Pokerisivut) that he railed a HUGE hand there.

The pot was about 89 million Hong Kong Dollars, which is almost 8,3 million Euros:

“Funny deal from the $20k/40k game:

Durrrr and two other players got involved in a pot and got 89 million dollars in preflop.

Durrrr: Ac-Kd vs Jd-Jh vs Ts-Tc

Durrrr spikes the ace. good life”

If the hand is really correct, it’s no wonder that “durrrr” hasn’t been playing online lately.

Source:, Pokerisivut

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