High Stakes Poker: Then And Now

With the world of high stakes poker reaching new levels every day, it is only natural that you ask yourself about its origins as well as where it is heading. Let’s review the amazing evolution of this game and how it came to gain popularity across the globe.

High stakes poker in the old days

In spite of the fact that the early versions of the poker can be accurately dated back to the first two decades of the 19th century, it is necessary to mention that the game as people know it today has registered an evolution of over 300 years. Invented in 17th century France, the game quickly made its way across the Atlantic Ocean in the regions of the Unites Stated that back then were considered French territories.

The game flourished in the United States and that the classic five-card poker has remained a symbol of the American Wild West during the 19th century. In fact, after that moment nothing could stop poker from becoming one of the most popular games worldwide.

The turn

In 2004, the high stakes poker game held at the prestigious Bellagio establishment was on everyone’s lips, especially since the Big Game – as it will be remembered in the history of poker – was exclusivist event and gathered professional poker players as well as wealthy fish. However, nowadays even if you walk in the Bellagio during festivals chances are you will find the poker rooms and the legendary Bobby’s Room empty. The reason for this resides in the fact that the pros have moved to the online environment where outrageous pots of $1,000,000 are quite frequently encountered.

While reluctant to throwing money out the window like that, the first online casinos couldn’t believe the success that their first big no-limit game rooms enjoyed. Even though the high numbers attracted many players, the online high stakes poker didn’t know its success until 2006 when Johnny Lodden made history after winning a $7 million pot. One year after the blazing success of Lodden, the full transition of the high stake poker from live to online took place.

The world of high stakes poker is constantly evolving

Even though few professionals like Lodden and Brian Townsend became the idols for the new generation of poker players, the truth is that the game and especially its online version has experienced several changes during the following years. Sessions that were once considered high stakes ($50/$100 bets) have fallen victim of inflation and turned into $300/$600 and even $500/$1,000.

However tempting this may be for professional players and irrespective of how much they enjoy the fans who get on the high stakes sites just to see them play, overall it is in the disadvantage of the poker economy. As a matter of fact, if the stakes will continue to grow like this then it is very possible that the change will scare away the average players. Without those players, the whole online poker world will simply turn into a freak show that is bond to implode sooner or later.

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