Tony will stake Isildur1 to high stakes games

Tony G wrote his latest blog entry lately and tells about his plans to stake Isildur1 to some high stakes games.

Tony G writes about how he was in contact with Isildur1 by phone and knows who he is. This time he just tells that he was only speculating who Isildur1 is (Viktor Blom) before, but now he has 100% certainty about his identity and he is not going to reveal him. He thinks it’s better that Isildur1 maintains his “mystical” status.

Tony G’s trust to Isildur1’s skills is huge and he is planning to stake him in the biggest games:

“I have had a few conversations over the phone with him and I really love the kid. He is like me 15 years ago. I just wish I had as much talent as he does. He can play the world’s best on eight tables and he only learned PLO about eight months ago. Anyway, it is likely I will stake him in some big cash games in the future, this is what I do after all. I like to give people a chance in life to do well.”

Tony G adds that Isildur1 is not sueing Full Tilt Poker:

“I can see how people attacked Full Tilt Poker on 2+2 – calling for lawsuits, etc., but this is not what Isildur1 really wants. He wants to enjoy his life and move on. This is what he needs to do. He is a brilliant player and with a little bit of hard work, he will build back up to a multimillion roll.”

Tony G reveals about his personal deal a bit as well. He is going to make an announcement soon and the deal is ready to be signed. He’s still not saying anything, but you can gather some bits and pieces from his talk that he might sign a deal with PartyPoker. Tony says he’s going to play more WPT tournaments next year and WPT is owned by PartyGaming.

Source: TonyG

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