Top 5 Tips To Maximize Your Chances Of Winning At Roulette

Gambling games like the live casino roulette are not only incredibly fun and exciting, but they also provide players with the opportunity to make huge profits. However, in order to win, the most important thing is to refrain from making costly mistakes that would quickly burn through your budget, especially if you don’t start with a lot of money.

At the same time, you will have to determine which roulette gambling system works in your particular case. While many roulette enthusiasts state that a certain strategy is infallible or applicable in all situations, sadly that is not the case and the first tip on the following list constitutes the perfect example.

1. The Martingale roulette strategy

As previously mentioned, the Martingale betting strategy may or may not be practical in your situation. This method essentially involves betting on color every time and doubling the value of the bet every time you don’t win. When you win, you will have to switch the color, rinse and repeat until you are rich. In theory – and this theory involves having a limitless supply of money to bet – there is nothing wrong with the Martingale method. However, in real life there is always the chance of losing several times in a row and run out of cash before you can place the winning bet. Therefore, you can utilize the strategy when you have sufficient funds to place incremental bets at least 7+ times in a row.

2. The 2:3 versus the 1:2 system

Betting on two rows instead of one increases the innate 50% odds of winning proprietary to the roulette gambling to 75%. To put it simply, the 2:3 means that you should be able to win 2 out of 3 times rather than 1 out of 2 times, but the profits will be lower. However, the 2:3 does give starting players an edge during the first few spins.

3. Don’t exceed the recommended number of bets

Just like in the case of the Martingale strategy, placing an excessive number of bets on each spin of the wheel can rapidly burn though the available gambling budget for the evening. Therefore, you will have to evaluate how much it would take you to run out of cash with a pre-established betting strategy and tune it according to how long you intend to keep playing.

4. Make use of casino bonuses

Good news for players who prefer the online roulette version, many such establishments confer unique bonuses that can be reaped by playing on the specified color, number row, etc. Therefore, in this case you can employ the Martingale strategy or simply keep betting on that color/row until you actually win and receive the bonus. Always check the casino’s policy regarding this aspect.

5. Never play roulette without learning the ropes

This one is relevant for all gambling games. If you are unfamiliar with rules and strategies of roulette, then it is advisable to start by learning the ins and outs via fee applications rather than paid games. Keep in mind that nobody’s going to go easy on you just because you’re new. Only play for real cash when you have gained sufficient experience.

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