One of the biggest cash games ever in Vegas!

The talk of a huge cash game has been going around at the WSOP – now it has been confirmed that it will take place next week at the Bellagio.

The game will be pot-limit Omaha and no-limit Texas Hold’em with huge blinds… how huge?

The blinds are $4000/8000 – and thats not a limit game now we are talking about! It is said that the game will have no cap – so probably they will be playing pots worth over $1.000.000 easily.

This is the list of players that are said to enter the game:

Doyle Brunson
Sammy Farha
Patrik Antonius
Phil Ivey
Tom “durrrr” Dwan
David Benyamine
Some multimillionaire businessman
Some other high stakes player (some internet players also)

So the action will be sick! Lets hope we will get some rumors of the pots played there and about the winners and the losers!

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