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Because blackjack can be considered the king of the high stakes games, it comes as a surprise that so few online casinos are actually including it in their offers. As a matter of fact, if you want to play high stakes blackjack, then you will typically have to put in some time and effort to find a specialized online casino. Even in this case, it is important to note that high stakes are not standard, while the big amount of cash played could be as little as a couple hundred dollars. In reality, high stakes blackjack involved greater sums of cash per hand, sometimes as high as $30,000 as in the case of certain professional casinos.

The misunderstanding

Over the years, the online casinos have gone out of their way to attract new players while also retaining the old ones. Perhaps the greatest allures of them all are the bonuses: while new customers receive a money reward just because they joined, the older players are constantly recompensed for the cash they spend at the casino’s blackjack tables, irrespective of their performance. Now, since these bonuses come with restrictions – you are required to use them to bet and you can’t just withdraw bonus cash – they can easily accumulate and be spent to play a few so-called high stakes blackjack hands.

The game of the rich and powerful

Taking into account the aforementioned sums, it is obvious that few of the average online gamblers dare to start playing high stakes blackjack. Following this train of thought that eliminates the vast majority of common passionate blackjack players, it is safe to assume that high stakes blackjack exclusively addresses very healthy individuals who are not really worried about losing a few hundred thousand dollars as long as they cool off, relax and have fun. Now, if you think about it, perhaps this is the real reason why the game exists in the first place.

Can average income players join in?

Of course, high stakes casinos will always allow players willing to spend money at their high stake blackjack tables. However, if you are thinking of taking your blackjack experience to a whole new level it is critical to actually know what you’re doing. To put it simply, trying to cheat or use classic deceiving methods such as card counting, palming or anything else you can think that could give you an unfair advantage are completely out of the question.

Not only is cheating almost impossible at online casinos, but even if you decide to play at a land based casino keep in mind that they could be using between four to six decks to tilt the odds in their favor. In addition, because you are playing for big stakes, you should also:

  • Train yourself to remember the cards that have been played in order to better determine the ones that could be dealt near the end of the deck.
  • Keep a clear head and stay focused.
  • Define your goals beforehand and stop once you achieve them.

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